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Sterling Pro has been a proud supplier of commercial refrigeration to the
independent Catering equipment industry for 11 years. Since our inception we have carefully created a
range of high quality and relevant products that meet the demands of modern caterers.

A well respected favourite of refrigeration engineers our European manufactured range consists
of full range of gastronorm uprights and counters as well as display chillers, serve-over and patisserie counters.
We’re especially proud of our new Green line which delivers both functionality and style to your kitchen.

Refrigeration appliances are unlike most others in that they are running 24/7, 365 days a Year.
This makes their energy consumption incredibly important to both the business and the environment.
Our Greenline shows a 65% reduction in energy consumption against our standard range while
still achieving the very best performance.

The lower operating temperature of the Hydrocarbon refrigerants creates lower heat and noise emissions,
improving the comfort of the work place and extending the life of the compressor.
Thought goes into every component with our new low energy compressors, large area evaporators and
high efficiency fans all working together to keep running costs to a minimum.

Sterling Pro always puts functionality at the forefront and so it is no surprise that the Green range also improves usability.
Our new moulded shelf guides in the upright cabinets allow effortless sliding of the nylon-coated shelves and make
cleaning a simple process saving time and effort. Easy-fit magnetic gaskets on all cabinets & counters allow for effortless replacement,
increasing hygiene and efficiency. A stamped bottom plate removes any chance for grease and dirt to collect, improving hygiene.

We love to hear what people think of our range.
If you need assistance finding a distributor or have any questions our team can be contacted at

Sterling Pro Green Line Brochure